Monday Morning Blog 20/11/2017

Good Morning, I hope you are well and that you had an awesome weekend. This morning I opened the curtains to bright sunshine, swaying palm trees, waves gently lapping on the sandy shore, this is the type of Monday Morning I like to wake up to. No, Swiss Cottage London NW6 has not suffered a monumental shift in the continental plate, I’m in Mauritius with Connections DMC and some awesome clients. As Scotty would say to James T. Kirk, Captain of the Star Ship Enterprise, it’s work Jim but not as we know it. For a few fays this week I’m in the beautiful paradise island Mauritius in the Indian Ocean not a bad gig in fact a terrific gig.

As you know I don’t live in Zimbabwe, however it is with such a great pleasure that I had learnt that the dreadful man who has driven a most beautiful African country to financial and ecological ruin has now been dumped in the rubbish bin of history, a destination he rightly deserves. So long Robert Mugabe, looser.

Have you seen the BBC2 Tracy Ullman show, Tracey breaks news? She does an amazing imitation of Angela Merkel, Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon it’s a funny show, worth half an hour of your  time in my opinion.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

James and the team at The J Team have told us that Thursday is a public holiday as it’s Labour Day in Japan so they will be back in the office on Friday. If you need anything urgently let us know.

IBTM Barcelona 28th – 30th November
Germanyinsight will be there, we have just been told that Eva, Bettina, Mike and Valentina will be in Barcelona. As Germany is their base they focus at IMEX with an exhibition stand. At IBTM in Barcelona they do not have a stand and they attend as visitors. Should you wish to meet them please let me know, there are lots of coffee shops where productive meetings can take place.

I’m attending, are you? So far the runners and riders that MM and Company represents attending are;

Connections DMC, Mauritius – Stand 050
Enjoy Slovakia DMC – Stand D15
Honeywell Incentives, Cyprus – Stand B45
Microcosmos DMC – Stand G20
Russian Event – Stand G45
TA DMC Portugal – Stand B75
THE J TEAM, Japan – Stand H80
Quetzal Motivo, Costa Rica, Panama & Central America – Stand L60
Visit Morocco – Stand J80

Abu Dhabi and Dubai
Sai Rattan Managing Director of SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives DMC has announced he will be visiting the UK to meet with past, present and future clients to discuss Dubai and Abu Dhabi. As ever Dubai and Abu Dhabi are changing regularly, new hotels are opening and new venues are opening. Sai will come with a full update on these two world class destinations.

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