Monday Morning Blog 08/01/2018

Happy New Year, happy new week and happy new Monday morning, welcome back to reality.

Yes we are back at work, as we have all found out this morning, the Christmas and New Year break doesn’t last forever but it does last quite a while. there is inevitability that we have to come back to work sometime in January and it might as well be now, I hope you had a great end of year break. I’m certainly ready to get back to work well to be honest I didn’t really leave I went into the office during BETWIXMAS holiday the middle days and I started back to work on Tuesday 2nd January. I think it’s quite well known that I’m nuts, I enjoy the work I do which for sure is half the battle if not all the battle.

I thought we had a cold weekend of weather till I saw the pictures beamed in from the East Coast of the USA they have totally cornered the market in snow, frost, ice and total havoc.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

2018 has been amazingly brilliant already for us at MM and Company, for at least two years if not more we have been working on ad hoc basis with Pascal and his awesome team at NACARA DMC France. Pascal, Audrey and the team delivered some terrific events for our clients in 2017. Just before the break Pascal said “David it is time we signed up to be represented by MM and Company” that was an amazing way to end the year.

Last week Erika, Douglas and Helga of MI MALTA DMC called with the great news that Mi Malta DMC CONFIRMED that they would like to be represented by MM and Company. Not only did we finish 2017 on a high we have started 2018 with a bang. MM and Company has a great relationship with Malta as a destination to add to that I have worked with Helga for many years and we ALL know it is about people. Helga has operated and delivered some amazing events for our clients we are all very excited about working with Mi Malta DMC.

We have been representing Cengiz, Muge since 1997 they manage DEKON DMC Turkey. The DEKON DMC team have signed an agreement with local partners in SLOVENIA to bring their DMC expertise into this amazing small but perfectly formed country in Europe.
Effective immediately MM and Company are representing DEKON DMC SLOVENIA.

The MM and Company team of Sandra, Katharine, Chrissie and Mike will soon be joined by a sales executive, we are currently interviewing candidates and hope to make an appointment very soon indeed.

Cancun, Mexico
Lucky me I’m off to Cancun  on the 16th January with our DMC The EPIC Group, staying at the fabulous award winning Unico Hotel Riviera Maya, I haven’t been to Cancun for three years so it’s time I went back, there are lots of new venues and hotels I will be seeing and letting you know about on my return.

Abu Dhabi & Dubai
We are really looking forward to having Sai Rattan, Managing Director of SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives DMC over to update us on the destinations. As Managing Director of SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives, I like to say that “Sai is the man that delivers the promises I make to you, our conference and incentive clients”.

Marek, Marosh and the team at Enjoy Slovakia DMC are planning to host a Business Development trip (aka FAM trip) to Bratislava departing 19th April for two nights. We have bought 10 tickets on British Airways. So please watch out for your invitations coming to a screen near you very soon

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