Monday Morning Blog 05/03/2018

Happy Monday, what a week of weather it was! Did you have fun? Did you get stuck? Did you go to work?

OMG we got a little taster of what a Russian Winter must be like, can you imagine living through that type of weather week after frozen week I guess that it what Valeria, Olga, Veronika, the team at Russian Event DMC and their fellow citizens must endure for months on end in Moscow, St Petersburg and elsewhere. I have been to St Petersburg and Moscow a few times during their Russian Winter and each time I am there when it is minus 17-23 degrees C I ask them the same question how do you cope, they think I am mad as it is the norm for them. I don’t do cold very well give me heat over cold any day of the week I am certain that in a previous life I was a cactus in the Arizona Desert.

Did you have a terrific St David’s Day on Thursday 1st Marc, I have a wonderful Welsh friend her name is Nicola every St David’s Dad I make a point of calling her with a “yachida lovely one” type Welsh phrase, OK I do speak to her more often but on 1st March for sure.

How was the M&IT dinner of Friday night did you go? Tell me all the gossip, I was at home for family night 😊

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

This week weather permitting I am criss crossing the country meeting clients with Marek Farkas Managing Director of Enjoy Slovakia DMC.
Really pleased Marek is here this week and not last week, he did phone up during last week to ask if he should bring his skis with him, funny!

The Oman office of SNTTA Emir Conferences and Incentives the DMC MM and Company has been representing since 2000 have told us that there has been a change in the VISA rules for entry visa’s into OMAN physical applications will no longer be accepted this means you cannot get an entry visa at the immigration desk on arrival into Muscat Airport. All applications for tourist and express visas to Oman will only be accepted online via the Royal Oman Police website here.

Dubai and Abu Dhabi
Sai Rattan Managing Director of SNTTA Tours has told us that he has appointed Ms. Manel Khemiri as Head of the Conference and Incentive Department of SNTTA. I am delighted with this news it clearly demonstrates what Sai said to me a few months ago about strengthening the DMC offering to our conference and incentive clients it also confirms SNTTA’s commitment to the development of the SNTTA DMC division.

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