Monday Morning Blog 11/06/18

Oh what a beautiful morning oh what a beautiful day I have a wonderful feeling everything’s going my way

Happy Monday morning peeps yes its Marksie doing the e mailing on one of my favourite days of the week, has he completely lost it I hear you ask? Well after 21 years and counting of representing awesome DMCs I am well on the way.

Interesting weather we had last week dull, overcast and warmish during the day and just as we were leaving the office the sun came out which I suppose is not a bad result weather wise.

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The Meetings Show 27th-28th June 2018
I have got something to admit to you, I was not looking forward to the Meetings Show, but as I have got into working on the stand design with Julie, our external stand design guru, it has taken a new lease of life and meaning, now I cannot wait for you to see the design we have come up with this year. I think it’s super cool and would be delighted to hear your thoughts when you visit us on the stand. The number you need to remember is F302.

We cover all of France and it’s a big country, MM and Company represents Nacara DMC France, they are experts in delivering outstanding conferences, incentives and events in Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon, Strasbourg, Dijon, Reims and Orleans.

We are delighted to add to our coverage of France, Phenix Events who MM and Company have known and worked with for at least eighteen years. Menno and his team at Phenix Events cover the whole of the South of France including Monaco. Menno is an expert in Monaco, Nice, Cannes, Toulon and Marseille as well as Monpelier and Perpignan so if you or your clients need anything at all anywhere in France, I’m confident Phenix Events or Nacara DMC will be able to deliver.

It is fair to say the World Press has been giving Russia a hard time for several years perhaps it is a lot to do with the Government and its policies HOWEVER it is unfair that our wonderful DMC Russian EVent and the Citizens of Russia suffer so let’s put a stop to that now and return to Russia to the C&I league table.

Moscow and St Petersburg are both awesome cities and incredible destinations for conferences, incentives and events. I am SURE that once the World has seen Russia in all its glory during the FIFA World Cup that starts in a few days’ time although I am sure there will be a few football related challenges but putting those aside decision makers will again see Russia as a great destination for their next corporate event. When that happens Valeria, Olga, Veronika and the team at Russian Event will be ready and waiting to welcome you back to Mother Russia.


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