Monday Morning Blog 02/07/18

Happy first Monday morning in July, hold on what happened to June? Where did it disappear to?

OMG love, love, love this weather, The Lovin Spoonful had a hit record “Hot town summer in the city back of my neck getting burnt and pretty (actual lyrics are “dirty and gritty”) been down isn’t it a pity doesn’t seem to be a shadow in the city”
Summer breeze by The Isely Brothers, Sweet days of summer the jasmine in bloom July is dressed up and playing her tune when I come home from a hard days work and you’re waiting there not a care in the world, summer breeze makes me feel fine blowing through the jasmine in my mind and of course The Beatles here comes the sun doodoodoodoo here comes the sun and I say it’s alright. Does anyone out there remember The Beatles or The Loving Spoonful for that matter, such great summer songs? I just simply love this weather regardless of the fact I’m working in the office or making sales calls.

The Meetings Show has been and gone by and large it was a good Meetings Show for MM and Company, it’s always very difficult to justify the expense of an exhibition. We zapped seventy three name badges some were new potential clients and I’m happy to say a lot were very good friends and clients. Our world wall of fame photos (that’s a mouthful) was brilliant if you didn’t see the stand I can send you a pic if you are interested, the map was a mosaic of thousands of photos I have taken over the 21 years MM and Company has been hosting FAM trips and believe me there were a lot of photos on the wall. Naturally there were also lots of photos of Leyla and Hannah as well. So many people came up and said “what a great idea” and they took photos of the wall we will be repeating it next year. MM and Company has exhibited at fifteen conference and incentive exhibitions over our twenty one year history and a design has never been repeated, we will be breaking with tradition next year, only there will be some design improvements, what those improvements will be I’m not sure yet, I have a year to think about it.

The World Cup is producing some great football and some surprises. I have to be very careful what I say here as I would not wish to upset any of my DMC clients, colleagues and friends so I will leave the World Cup there although I should add the Russians are putting on a great tournament and hopefully that will generate some new conference and incentive requests for Russian Event the DMC we have been representing since January 2000.

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DMC News
The summer has well and truly arrived, Europe is hot, the UAE is even hotter, everyone thoughts are turning to sunscreen, swim suits, spritzers, sun, sea and sand. It’s been a busy six months and our DMCs are looking forward to a break.

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