Monday Morning Blog 23/07/18

Sunny sunshine greetings from London W10 I hope you are well and that you are not too sun burnt from the weekend, I said to my Mum the other day “I can’t believe it’s Thursday, where did the week go?” and she said “Wait till you are my age (92) it goes even quicker.” I will take her word for that, I don’t plan to be 92 any time soon.

Lewis Hamilton he is some driver started 14th on the grid at Kockenheim  way back and manages to claw his way up the field to win the Grand Prix. Ok I guess Lewis was lucky that Vettel crashed but still, from 14th to win, wow great driving skill and clearly a very fast car.

DMC News* MM and Company News * Destination News*

We are also running another trip, this time to Malta with Erika, Helga and the team at Mi Malta in September , seats are going fast so if you’re interested in attending do let me know.

When Martin of e+o meeting, event & travel management GmbH was in the UK in May we discussed a few things, one of them being a Business Development Event to Vienna, we will be running a trip in November, so look out for an invitation coming your way soon. If Vienna or any other destination is of interest to you, do let me know.

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